Sunday, 6 December 2009

So i better tell you about me before we start this massive blogging session.

Hai. I'm totally rubbish at this, Im 16 ? and uhm from kent.
and i have this urge to write a succesful blog. But as we all probably know urges never really lead to success , thus leading me to conclude that very few people are going to read this blog and it will remain as pointless ramble on some poor internet servers memory forever.BULLY FOR THEM (:.

okay so me. well i go to grammar school? and i used to have this stupid belief that wearing a royal blue kilt and having to take all higher tier exams made me something of a royal , in comparison with what i percieved to be comprehensive peseants. upon further inspection i have to come to realise that infact, most people that go to 'un-grammar' schools are probably equally as clever , if not more intelligent then me and therefore i should probably stop walking around as if im queen latifa because im going to get stabbed.

Im so repulsive at times. My sense of humour is equal to that of a 14 year old boy. I am about as funny as stubbing your toe on a brick wall. well, actually i'm not going to lie. i can be witty when the mood takes me , but most of the time , my jokes will make you feel sick. I have this weird ability to lure people into a false sense of security, make them feel like im some sweet little cherub and then BAM i bust out my inner bitch , and they runaway and don't look back. I can't complaign too much. If i cared i'd learn to be less of a bully.

oh yeah me. ermmm well i have really strict life rules? i geuss they kinda portray who i am , so i'll share them with you so you can appreciate them and probably realise that they are dumb rules and that's probably the reason my life is a huge fuck up ahah.
  • 1) Do everything and anything you want to ,despite what people say because as the end of the day , you only get one chance at everything and if you dont do it ,you'll regret it, If it means that someone is going to get pissed of with you because they don't agree then fuck them. its your life chico.
  • 2) Noone knows more then you. If you think you;re right , then you are. Don't back down unless you're being wrong on purpose. If people think that you're stubborn , then they are wrong. because you know you're right and if you let them win . they'd probably just think you're a mug. People have more respect for those who can stand by their guns. Dont be a pussy.
  • 3)You have to have your body and your face, there is nothing you can do about it, so do what you like with it. If you want to put tattoos on it, DO it! , if you want to punch endless amounts of holes in it , then go for it doll because it's yours and its probably the only thing in the world that you will ever have 100 % control over.
  • 4) Take hundreds of pictures and never delete anything from anywhere. thats like cutting out part of your life and you shouldnt do that because you only get one. If you have to buy a hundred million memory sticks to put all your random cyber scrap on them , then so be it because you only get one chance.
  • 5)Dont be scared of illness or death . it happens to everyone. its going to happen.make the most of what you have. noone is invincible so why are you scared of it. Spend as much time as you can with your parents. you're lucky to have them.
  • 6) Don't be scared about the future. The things you should worry about are those that are happening now. You cant change the future until it gets here , but you can change now. if you really want to.
  • 7) You're never going to be the best,. there is no such thing. There will always be someone better then you at everything. The only thing that noone can be better then you are is being alive and being you. Noone can do it quite like yourself.
  • 8) Go everywhere you can, experience everything you can , and dont be scared of trying new stuff because you might love it and if you dont try it, you'll have failed at life.
  • 9)imperfections are what makes us beautiful. If you didnt have an imperfection , then you wouldnt have anything. because you would have nothing to compare it to. You are beautiful just because noone else has your face. and because noone else can work it like you. Dont think you're more beautiful then anyone else though ,because you'r not , noone is any more beautiful , or ugly then anyone else. what is ugly?
  • 10) qeustion everything. If you dont qeustion it , then you dont understand it, if you dont understand it , then you aren't ready to hear or do it, if your not ready ,you need to find a different path to take.

so yeah. i can be deep. and you really shouldn't judge me. oh btw, thanks for reading if you have. :)